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From Rick’s earliest childhood memories, he was surrounded by the car business. Raymond “Rick” Recor followed his father, Wilfred to work from the time he was 5 years old. Rick would be a permanent fixture alongside his dad and his dad’s friends in the car business. He enjoyed being around his dad and around cars and absorbed any information he could growing up. Consequently it was a natural desire for him to be in an offshoot of the automobile industry. He began working as a painter at 18 years old, and stated his own business at the age of 20. He opened a 2 bay garage and started painting cars and doing auto body repair in Chicopee, MA.

As is the same from the early 1970’s, Rick is still a hands on owner that is at the shop every day from open to close. Along with his very talented management team, Rick still oversees the entire daily operation of the business. He now has 40 employees with a combined experience of approximately 400 years. Rick attributes all of his employees past and present as being an integral part of the success of Rick’s Auto Body.

We never take our reputation for granted and strive for perfection every day with every customer. Our intent is to mantain this objective today and every day in the future. You’ve been in an accident. We’re here to help…

Rick offers a lifetime warranty.

We sincerely thank you for your loyalty and referral business and hope to serve you many, many years into the future.



The 70’s

In 1973 Rick opened his business on Oakdale Street (off of Page Blvd) in Springfield. He hired 2 technicians and had 6 bays. his business was growing and he was earning good word of mouth recommendations from the community.

With his business growing, he outgrew the Oakdale Street location and moved his operation to Verge Street (off of Parker Street behind the old Lechmere’s) in November 1979. By this time he was employing approximately 10 employees.



The 80’s

During the 80’s Rick grew his business at his Pasco Road  location. His reputation in the community for outstanding auto body repair and service began to thrive. This enabled him to grow his workforce in the Springfield community.

In 1983, with no major rental car agency in Springfield, Rick saw an opportunity to launch a rental car business of his own called Rental One. He was able to rent vehicles to his customers and provide them with the same quality service as he was doing at his auto body business. When he ended that business he had a fleet of 125 vehicles on the road.



The 90’s

In the early 90’s during a trip to Florida and California, billboard advertising truly caught Rick’s eye. He immediately came back to Springfield and with the help of Sandy Pearson of Springfield Advertising; Rick started his very successful billboard campaign. At that time, there were very few local billboard advertisers. National advertisers such as beer and cigarettes occupied most of the billboads in the area. Rick along side Springfield’s Representative, Richard Wechter began one of the most successful and still talked about advertising campaigns in Springfield. During that time, Rick was credited with taking billboard marketing in the area to new heights. To this day, customers still talk about several of our billboards; many of which were funny and eye catching. Many customers still have their favorites.

By 1997 Rick had outgrown his Verge street structure and was seeking a larger facility. He was looking for a building  that he could continue the growth of his business and yet be within close proximity to his existing building and customer base. He found what he was looking for in the former Grossman’s Lumber establishment on Pasco Road, which is our current location.



The New Millennium

During the new millennium Rick became more involved with community events. He participated in car shows that would benefit non-profit organizations. He also ran public service announcements on television as well as billboards promoting the benefit of wearing seat belts.

Rick’s became more environmentally friendly by recycling and using a waterborne paint system. He also continued the upgrade of equipment every year to stay in the forefront of the auto repair industry.

He thanks all of his customers throughout the years. His commitment of fine craftsmanship and outstanding customer service will continue as long as out customers allow us to serve.