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Waterborne Paint

Waterborne Paint and Recycling System

Rick’s Auto Body is helping the environment with the purchase of a Waterborne Paint System. The system that we purchased is from Europe where waterborne paints have been used since the 1990’s. With this technology comes advanced education for which Rick’s has become trained in.

Many car manufacturers are using waterborne paint on their vehicles. This paint is a water-based paint in which water becomes the main ingredient. Water based paint contains less volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which react in the lower atmosphere forming ozone gas. These water based paints reduce the solvent fumes, which means cleaner air and a healthier work environment.

At Rick’s we also recycle our own waste, whether it be solvent or water based. The purpose of this machine is to allow us to recycle solvent used in our body shop. Our solvent recycler is an electronically controlled solvent recycler that is intended for recycling waste of normal solvent. It allows for the contaminated solvent, which is produced in our shop to be reused by separating the contaminants from the solvent in a process called distillation. By electronically controlling the distillation process we have a very high recovery rate.