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Who We Are

At Rick’s Auto Body it all starts with one person, RICK! Rick has brought a vision to the auto body and repair business that is truly unique. First of all when you walk into Rick’s Auto Body it doesn’t feel like you are in an auto body shop. Rick’s has created an environment that is fun, friendly, and inviting. His attention to detail with magnificent fish tanks, comfy couches and Hollywood characters, including the Blues Brothers and the Crash Dummy is refreshing.

Make no mistake about it, while it is a fun place to visit Rick’s auto body technicians are very serious about repairing your vehicle. Rick is there every day, to oversee the auto body repair process. It is all about getting it done right. Rick has a super clean, super bright, state of the art… and we mean “STATE OF THE ART” facility.

The Rick’s Auto Body team is made up of dedicated people, who are there to get you back in your vehicle quickly and hassle free. The greatest compliment we receive is repeat business. Rick can point out a very high percentage of his work is returning customers or referrals.

When we get new customers we keep them.


Rick Recor



Mike Haniffy

Production Manager


Susan Tarpinian

Office Manager

Chuck Laprade

Chuck Laprade

Operations Manager

Our Shop

Rick’s Auto Body is a 40,000 square foot facility that was the former Grossman’s Lumber building at 375 Pasco Road in Springfield, Ma.

When a customer arrives into our lobby the warm atmosphere that has been created pleasantly amazes them. Amusing artwork and conversation pieces such as the Blues Brothers and a crash test dummy sit in the reception area. The two fish tanks; one of which is salt water and the other fresh water provide a calming effect and interest in the waiting area. We have attempted to make your unforeseen incident as pleasant as can be.

Please come by any time Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM for a free estimate. No appointment is necessary and we will be happy to assist you.

We are certified by many different groups as the best. We are constantly undergoing training. We have to keep learning because transportation vehicles are more and more sophisticated!